Winner of Advertisers Choice Award
2014 - TraceAd

Winner of Advertisers Choice Award
2014 & 2015 & 2016 - TraceAd

Winner of Advertisers Choice Award
2015 - TraceAd

Winner of Advertisers Choice Award
2016 - TraceAd

Erik Pilgaard Hejlskov CEO/Owner, Lånekassen

Det er en fornøjelse at være publisher hos Digital Advisor.

Lånekassen har nu i flere år kørt succesfuldt med Digital Advisors kampagner.

Det er altid nemt at finde det rette materiale og supporten er altid hurtig og hjælpsom. Som formidler af lånetilbud er det vigtigt at kende de rette præmisser for hvert lån. Disse informationer har Digital Advisor altid været gode til at kommunikere.

Andreas Linde CEO, Lead Supply ApS

Digital advisor er en vigtig samarbejdspartner.

I og Lead Supply generelt er vi meget tilfredse med vores samarbejde med Digital Advisor. Med Digital Advisor har vi fået en fast account manager, som er proaktiv og giver værdifuld sparring til vores forretning.

I et marked i konstant forandring er det fantastisk at have en samarbejdspartner, som følger markedet tæt og selv er med til at skabe nye muligheder.

Emil Kjær Sternberg General Manager, Intelligent Banker Aps

Intelligent Banker ApS har samarbejdet med Digital Advisor siden november 2013.

Igennem årene har Digital Advisor formået at videreudvikle deres platform til at matche vores behov i flere lande.

Specielt forståelsen for at skabe værdi for både medier og annoncører er en af hovedårsagerne til, at Digital Advisor er én af vores største samarbejdspartnere i Norden.

Exclusive campaigns

Are you searching for new campaigns to your users? Then you don't have to search any longer.

Digital Advisor continuously focus on finding new and exclusive campaigns to our publishers. Whether you run a website or a newsletter, we understand how important it is to be able to continually provide your users with something new. As a publisher in our network you will get access to all of our campaigns, but we will also make sure that they are profitble and have a great click attractivity.

Is there a need for making commitment contracts with satisfied business partners?

At Digital Advisor we do not think so, as we believe in the positive companionship that develops both our partners and our business in the right way. As a mediapartner in our network you will get access to all of our campaigns, without ever having to sign a confidentiality agreement or commitment contract. We do not believe that it will ever become an advantage for mediapartners to be tied to only one network - only the network can benefit from that.

Are you bound by an unfavorable contract? And would you like to know how you can choose freely between all networks? Contact us at:


[email protected]

Reassured payment on time

We are proud to say that we have never withheld a single payment due to dispute with an advertiser. We do not believe that it should be a concern for you whether you will get your payment, if an advertiser does not pay the network - this would be an unnecessary concern, as you cannot make an influence.

It can be a huge risk to cooperate with networks who do not pay their mediapartners until the advertiser has paid the network. We truly believe that this is unfair business for our media partners.

As such, you are always guaranteed to get paid at Digital Advisor - unless you have not complied with our requirements.

Safest tracking on the market

Digital Advisor has decided to use a cloud based affiliate - and tracking system. We are aware that the interface could be optimized, however, we will favour secure tracking servers that are located on more than five continents, any day.

How does it affect you? Our system provider has never had a breakdown in their tracking, and probably never will - unless we are being hit by a meteor or Judgement Day.

Frequently asked questions

How often to you pay out?
Our standard payment is 40 days.

Do you offer competitive prices?
Yes, we are at the top of the market.
Moreover, we offer a fair cut, even on exclusive campaigns. In comparison, most networks only offer their mediapartners a 40 - 50% cut on such campaigns. This is not fair to you, and neither to the advertiser

Which countries do you represent?
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain and Poland.

Which type of campaigns do you have?

Which industries do you cover?
Primarily finance, unemployment funds and telecom. Furthermore, we have several small niches.